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We deliver premium, uncompromised financial, markets, and investments intelligence to decision-makers globally.

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Exploring ETFs as a Viable Alternative for The African Investor


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Rethinking Investment Returns in the New Normal, Investing for Impact

16 -17 NOVEMBER 2022

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Welcome to The MNCapital Group

Promoting informed investment decisions as well as better investment outcomes.
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Our investor meetings, conferences, webinars, and workshops are tailored to your business, networking, industry, policy and marketing needs. We bring together leading experts, thought leaders and policy makers in the investment landscape to assess how the investment objectives of institutions are changing and how asset management firms should evolve with them. The top-tier conferences share insight and best-practices on responsible and sustainable investment opportunities.

For Sustainable Development

Institutional investors control a significant amount of all financial assets in the growing African markets and bear influence in all markets. Our events aim at mobilising institutional assets for sustainable development, in particular towards emerging markets.

Marketers Believe in Events

A 2020 Bizzabo study found that 93% of marketers believe in-person events provide attendees with a valuable opportunity to form connections in an increasingly digital world. Engaging customers and potential customers at events initiates personal interactions.

Partner With MNCapital for global networks

Take advantage of the numerous opportunities to partner with MNCapital in this year's events. MNCapital creates global networks of institutional investors that promote informed investment decision as well as better investment outcomes.

Meet with Key Decision and Policy Makers

Our events combine the effective business tool of events with value of decision makers, buyer, investors, govenerment officials and captains of industry under one roof.

The MNCapital Advantage

More than 80% of marketers believe live events are critical to their company’s success.
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Let your Clients Meet your Brand

We facilitate face-to-face and hybrid discussion with your prospective clients. At our meetings, they get to establish a much more personal and intimate relationship with your brand.

Immediate Buy in for Products

A cost effective way to roll out new products or services at a much lower cost than going through traditional media. You can get buy-in on a new product much quicker when you have a live, captive audience to showcase it to.

Domino Effect of Meeting With Us

80% of people who take part in our institutional investor events pass that experience on to someone else, making your brand much more accessible to your target audience.

Get Immediate Feedback

Get valuable feedback much faster, and allow you to address any potential questions or issues. Make your business more flexible and adaptable. Your customer satisfaction is likely to improve.

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