Namibia Africa Asset Owners and
Managers (AAOM) Forum 2018.

Implementing Catalysts for Impact and Financial Returns










Meet Asset Owners

Meet Asset Owners including
pension funds, foundations and
insurance investors and
investment consultants.

Engage Asset Managers

Engage Asset Managers transforming Namibia’s private capital investment landscape.


Tailored Networking

Tailored Networking and focused one-on-one meetings with the top allocations in the region.

Open Discussion

Open Discussion including pension funds and alternative investments.

  • Meet Asset Owners including pension funds, foundations and insurance investors and investment consultants,
  • Engage Asset Managers transforming Namibia’s private capital investment landscape,
  • Tailored Networking and focused one-on-one meetings with the top allocations in the region,
  • Open Discussion including pension funds and alternative investments,
  • Review Namibia and Africa’s reforms and regulatory framework, market trends and environment,
  • Hear from thought leaders and expert speakers presenting the latest and best industry practices,
  • Network with senior decision makers, pension fund managers and investment professionals, build-on existing business relationships,
  • Increase your brand visibility and awareness by showcasing your fund operations team expertise,
  • Improve trustee decision-making and the know-how in the investment strategy of the scheme,
  • New opportunities for collaboration and alliances between asset owners, investment professionals, business, governments and industry associations to improve the understanding and on-going pensions reform,
  • Proposals from mechanism that can help prioritise sector-specific sustainability framework that maximises indigenous savings into pension schemes and encourage investment into innovative asset classes,
  • Identify key areas for further executive education for fund trustees, with focus on fund management, setting and monitoring investment policy, investment strategies and sustainable investing.
  • Relevant Government Departments 
  • Public and Corporate Pension Funds
  • Endowment and Foundations
  • Sovereign Wealth Funds
  • Social Security Funds
  • Insurance Companies
  • Development Finance Institutions
  • Asset and Fund Managers
  • Hedge Funds and Fund of Funds
  • Infrastructure Funds
  • Private Equity and Venture Capital Firms
  • Legal and Management Consultants
  • Actuaries and Asset Consultants
  • Actuaries and Asset Consultants
  • Fund Administration and Trust Services
  • Real Estate Infrastructure Funds
  • Technology and Software Providers
  • Securities and Exchange Commission
  • Investment Promotion Agencies
  • Private and Public Sector Companies
  • Investment and Commercial Banks
  • Debt Management and Budget Offices
  • Treasury Departments
  • Auditors and Accountant General Officers
  • Chief Executive Officers
  • Chief Investment Officers
  • Principal Officers
  • Chief Finance Officers
  • Heads of Business Development
  • Pension Fund Trustees / Directors / Managers
  • Heads of Asset Allocations

Despite slow economic growth – partly owing to political instability in some parts of Africa – pension funds in the continent are growing and evidently have the financial muscle to invest in large national projects, and fund managers are doing just that.

Infrastructure projects are seemingly the focal point of fund managers investing in Africa, making this a significant break-away from the tradition of primarily investing in local, fixed income bonds.

The African pension funds are estimated to be holding USD334 billion in assets, and it is reported that just 4 countries hold 90 percent of these assets, and they are Nigeria, South Africa, Namibia and Botswana. This reality sparks fears that significant amounts in investments will be primarily channelled to these evidently lucrative markets and in the process suffocating the smaller economies.

The onus is on local fund managers to decide to localise their funds.

The Africa Asset Owners and Managers (AAOM) Namibia Forum 2018 has been created on the backdrop of a series of country-specific fora under the banner of Pension Funds Investment and Management (PFIMA) Forum over the past few months.

Themed Implementing Catalysts for Impact and Financial Returns, AAOM Namibia Forum 2018 brings together top Namibia Asset Owners and Managers for a thought-provoking discussion on how public and private sectors can work together to successfully access alternative asset classes and private market investment opportunities across Africa. The forum will serve as a conduit for investment fund managers that are investing or considering investing in Namibia.


Forum Partners

Conference Agenda

DAY ONE: 14 November 2018

Conference Agenda

DAY TWO: 15 November 2018

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