This unique platform presents an opportunity for Africa’s finance and investment community to meet, share, network, and discuss ESG issues in the Africa context.

Global trends such as rapid growth in population, scarcity of natural resources, climate change and emergence of social conscious investors have driven the necessity for eco-friendly investments considerations and put ESG issues to the spotlight. These factors combined are altering investors attitude towards asset classes and allocations; hence their investment policies. Furthermore, in the wake of the global financial crisis, the need for good corporate governance – a fundamental component of reputation and risk management – has never been greater.

The Africa ESG and Green Investment Forum 2018 brings together ESG and sustainable investment professionals to discuss contemporary issues on ESG, sustainable and impact investing in Africa.

The forum seeks to promote and encourage institutional investors to integrate Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) criteria in their investment guidelines and avail investment opportunities in the African Green Projects.

Bring together leaders from various sectors to discuss legal, regulatory and framework, fund investment strategies, environment, social governance (ESG) consideration, fiduciary and other contemporary issues impacting the Africa Pension fund industry.

  • Focus on long-term strategic collaboration with active stakeholders in Africa and other regions to advance developments in the industry.
  • Incorporate input and evaluate practical case studies from international and indigenous market, with the aim of benchmarking on developments, opportunities and challenges.
  • Discuss opportunities and challenges of Green Bonds.
  • Discover eligible green projects in Africa.
  • Engage in case-study discussions on Green Bonds as an alternative investment option.

The global finance and investment community is witnessing increasing debate on the extent to which Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors must be integrated into the mainstream investment analysis to enhanced long-term investment performance and value creation. However, with a total sign up of over 800 UNPRI signatories from 48 countries, including many of the largest and most respected pension funds investment managers in the world; the debate has moved up a gear.

It is now a question of implementing ESG Integration, conceptualising the implementation support and continued post implementation engagement. Now, in its 7th year, the Annual Africa ESG Forum takes a strategic approach and recognises the growing voice of institutional investors demanding sustainable financial instruments, and their unwavering commitment to engaging in climate friendly investments. The second day (22 February 2018) of Africa ESG Forum will be entirely dedicated to green investments, taking a special focus on “Africa Green Bonds as an Emerging Asset Class,” and for this reason, as the organisers of this forum, MNCapital Group has taken a decision to re-brand the 6-year-old Forum. Africa ESG Forum becomes Africa ESG and Green Investment Forum.

With the climate change rising up the global agenda – highly impacting emerging markets’ economic growth – governments and the investment community are desperate for an innovative solution that will mitigate climate change yet achieve impressive financial returns. It is not surprising therefore that the capital markets are witnessing a huge increase of green bonds, and this growth is not expected to slow down anytime soon, as everyone, from issuers, underwriters, verifiers, business community and local governments continue to take a keen interest in sustainable investment. In this regard, green bonds seem to be the most innovative option as these are ordinary fixed income allocated particularly to green projects such as renewable energy, energy efficiency, clean transport, and sustainable water management among other investable or eligible green projects.

This forum would not have been hosted at a better time in Kenya, as the country joined, as part of its Vision 2030, South Africa, Nigeria, Egypt and Morocco in adopting the Green Bond Program as a vehicle for achieving Green Economic Growth.


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