Despite slow economic growth – partly owing to political instability in Africa – Pension funds in the continent are growing and evidently have the financial muscle to invest in large national projects, and fund managers are doing just that.

Infrastructure projects are seemingly the focal point of fund managers investing in Africa, making this a significant break-away from the tradition of primarily investing in local, fixed income bonds.

The African pensions funds are estimated to be holding US$334 billion in assets, and it is reported that just 4 countries hold 90 percent of these assets, and they are Nigeria, South Africa, Namibia and Botswana. This reality sparks fears that significant amounts in investments will be primarily channeled to these evidently lucrative markets and in the process suffocating the rest of the ‘smaller’ countries. The onus is on local fund managers to decide to localise their funds.

The 4th edition of Swaziland Pension Funds Investment and Management Forum gives pension funds, fund managers, institutional investors as well as government, a platform to discuss implementable strategies of developing the Swaziland economy.

This forum is designed to provide delegates access to industry-led insights, analysis of best practices in fund management, sustainable investment strategies and governance. Delegates will access alternative asset classes for pensions and retirement funds; particularly private equity with focus on emerging non-traditional asset classes and portfolio allocation strategies.

  • Bring together leaders from various sectors to discuss legal, regulatory and framework; fund investment strategies; environmental, social governance (ESG) consideration, fiduciary and other contemporary issues impacting the Swaziland pension fund industry.
  • Focus on long-term strategic collaboration with active stakeholders in Swaziland and other regions to advance development in the industry.Incorporate input and evaluate practical case studies from international and indigenous market; with the aim of benchmarking on developments; opportunities and challenges.
  • Discuss feasible best practices and innovative approaches that have the potential to make significant progress in transformation of the Swaziland pensions and retirement fund industry.
  • Learn about the latest developments in Africa’s municipal debt markets.

To explore and identify what it would take to make significant advances in understanding, integration and implementation country specific best practices in the management, implementation and investment of pensions, retirement and social security funds.

  • New opportunities for collaboration and alliances between asset owners, investment professionals, business, governments and industry associations to improve the understanding and on-going pensions reform.
  • Proposals from mechanism that can help prioritise sector-specific sustainability framework that maximises indigenous savings into pension schemes and encourage investment into innovative asset classes.
  • Identify key areas for further executive education for fund trustees, with focus on fund management, setting and monitoring investment policy, investment strategies and sustainable investing.
  • Sensitive indigenous institutional funds and national reserves to diversify their investment portfolio into more innovative asset classes, i.e. into infrastructure investment, agribusiness, private equity and so on.

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