We have created a platform that will enable the much needed attention on the Institutional Investment field across Africa as well as encourage international Institutional Funds to consider pouring more funds into the continent.

Our interventions provide business as well as investor intelligence to institutional investors either seeking alternative investments or simply looking to tap into the emerging markets.

MNCapital is at the forefront of Africa’s economic growth story through our engagements with institutional funds across the globe and creating podiums for dialogues on Africa investment funds and asset management. Through these podiums, we encourage key players in the industry to give much attention to the Pension Funds Industry across Africa; analyses its challenges, expose its strengths the opportunities that are not only present, but available for all the players in this local economy.

A stretching track record in emerging markets

Why Are We Different?

Our clients tell us we are unique for a variety of important reasons including:

  • Unrivaled industry intelligence
  • Proven access to key investors and core growth markets
  • We bring a depth of experience across industry sectors, finance and geographies to each of our industry interventions.

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