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The MNCapital Group is a top-tier provider of independent investment and market research based in South Africa with branches in Gaborone and London. With our institutional investor, fund, and asset managers forums, we connect capital and ideas. We present a premier platform for leading investment meetings in Africa.
Our investor meetings, conferences, webinars, and workshops are tailored to your business, networking, industry, policy and marketing needs. We bring together leading experts, thought leaders and policy makers in the investment landscape to assess how the investment objectives of institutions are changing and how asset management firms should evolve with them. 

The top-tier conferences share insight and best-practices on responsible and sustainable investment opportunities. With our institutional investor, fund, and asset managers forums, we connect capital and ideas. We present a premier platform for leading investment meetings in Africa.

Immediate Buy in for Products

A cost effective way to roll out new products or services at a much lower cost than going through traditional media. You can get buy-in on a new product much quicker when you have a live, captive audience to showcase it to.

Domino Effect of Meeting With Us

80% of people who take part in our institutional investor events pass that experience on to someone else, making your brand much more accessible to your target audience.

Get Immediate

Get valuable feedback much faster, and allow you to address any potential questions or issues. Make your business more flexible and adaptable. Your customer satisfaction is likely to improve.

Our Event and Networkings Opportunities of Choice

Bringing together institutional investors, fund and asset managers, senior decision, and policymakers from both the private and public sectors to learn and share the latest opportunities, innovations, and best practices since 2007.

Become a Speaker

Be a part of our in-person, institutional investor Speaker Community. Share your insights with our audience of engaged investors, public and private sector leader and more. Our well-attended events offer Company and individual Speakers a more accessible, efficient and affordable opportunity to gain visibility with the investing community.

Sponsor and Event

We have a comprehensive range of conference and event formats to suit all businesses. Our experienced and resourceful team will take care of all your investment options to guarantee optimum ROI in each events. Please don’t hesitate to pick up the phone.
We’re easy to reach, and we’ll be happy to hear from you.

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Founder and MNCapital Group CEO
Meet The Group CEO
Michael Ndinisa founded MNCapital in 2007 and is currently the CEO of MNCapital Group. He has over 20 years of multi-disciplinary experience, including international business development, Events Management, Fund Raising and diplomacy.

Michael has organised high level stakeholder roundtables, initiated and led public-private partnership initiatives, and advised on Foreign Investment projects through the African continent. He has established relationships with key business and governmental organisations across the African continent and has worked with several captains of industry.

He has facilitated business relationships for key decision makers at a broad range of African focused financial institutions, such as the International Finance Corporation, the African Development Bank, the Abraaj Group, Government Employees Pension Fund South Africa, the World Bank, Public Investment Corporation of South Africa, the China Africa Development Fund, the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, and the African Business Roundtable, among others.

Michael is an advisor and implementation consultant on international best practices in the fields of international development, risk management and business development. He works tirelessly and pro-actively to execute client mandates, providing unique solutions, strategic insights, creativity deal making and informed plans in assisting MNCapital Group’s clients.

Michael is a devoted and principled family man who believes in embedding authenticity and intentionalism in all aspects of life and business. The MNCapital group and its clients are in capable and progressive hands.
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